I am very disappointed that the FreeTime is not available in Scotland or the rest of the UK. Just bought a Kindle Fire HD for my son’s Christmas and I have to leave it without adequate parental controls. Yet I’ve seen complaints on Amazons forums that it is advertised as having this in the UK.
Can’t Amazon just post a release date? Will it be available by Christmas?
I have to say also that they could do with a simple setup guide if you’re a parent buying for a child. For example…

Do I register the device to me, then add an account for the kid (and how do you do this)?

Also the credit card requirement is all wrong if I want to let my kid download free apps.

Apart from these frustrating downers it does seem to be a great little device! At least its not as confusing as the whole XBox sign up shenanigans of last year!! Now don’t get me started on that.